Connor is a competitive martial artist of 20 years and powerlifter of over 4 years. Beginning his martial arts training at the age of 4, he found a passion for physical achievement and mental toughness. Upon achieving his current rank of a 3rd degree black belt, he had already been teaching children and adults for several years. He enjoys developing programs that will not only make his students and clients more fit but also lay the foundations for a more positive lifestyle.


Several times a year, Connor travels across the country to seminars in Chicago, Florida, Georgia, and others to meet like-minded individuals and learn from experts. Besides his passions for martial arts, lifting weights, and teaching, Connor is an avid music collector and a relentless reader of books of many kinds. With any free time that he has, he’s likely driving thousands of miles on a road trip seeking out new experiences and new foods.




Weight Loss





Ironborne Fitness offers a private facility with commercial equipment.  We offer sports specific training (basketball, football, martial arts, soccer, rugby, dance, and more). I also offer fat burning work outs, strength training, safe workouts for children, and fitness programs for children with special needs.

18+ years of Martial Arts training
NASM Certified


Free Assessment

Come in to see the facility and we can get to know each other. I'll take you through a detailed screening and assessment process to learn all I can about you and your fitness level. We can discuss your strengths and weaknesses and develop a program that works for you.

Solo Training Session

A standard training session is a 45 minute routine specifically catered to your needs. We'll increase flexibility and mobility, build cardio and strength, and lose weight.

Group Training Session

Bring a friend to a 45 minute training session and enjoy a fun workout catered to helping you achieve your goals. Limit up to 3 people (total) and a discounted price applies.

Self Myofascial Release Class
Learn about what myofascial release is and how to apply it to yourself to help release tension, relieve pain, and improve mobility. This class will teach you how to use tools such as foam rollers, lacross balls, and PVC to improve your work outs and your quality of life.

Online Training

Whether you can't make it to our gym, or you're looking for someone to create a program catered to your goals, or you're just looking for someone to keep you responsible, our online training program is for you! Contact us for more information.










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Great workouts creative fun and kicks your butt. Even better when working out with a friend!
“Ironborne Fitness is a nice private place to get a great work out. Connor makes every work out fun and personalized. He is very motivating and pushes you to do the best you can. By the end of the work out you are already thinking of when is the next time I can come back for more! I highly recommend going to Ironborne Fitness to work out with Connor to reach your fitness goals. You won’t regret it!”
“Connor makes working out so much fun! he’s so creative with his workouts I always leave with a smile not just because I enjoyed myself but because I have that feeling that I worked every muscle in body! He takes the time to explain what each workout does and is careful to watch your form and make sure you are doing things correctly. I highly recommend him!”
BEST workout EVER!! Connor kept me motivated, made sure I had good form with each move, the gym was bright and inviting & lots of great equipment. I feel sore and it’s wonderful! Can’t wait for the next time I’m at Ironborne Fitness!!