Personal Training

At Ironborne Fitness, we incorporate modifications and training that prevents muscle deterioration, improves bone strength, and boosts quality of life.

Does not matter your age, get fit!


Our older personal training program is designed for the health and fitness of individuals who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the physical, emotional and social aspects of movement can help people over 55 increase longevity and boost quality of life. We use all the expertise to deliver appropriate exercise programs that combat the effects of osteoporosis, arthritis, and other age-specific conditions. 

Did You Know?

As you age, your muscles begin to shrink and lose mass as your strength decreases. Additionally, the speed at which your body converts food to energy slows down. You start to eat less and much slower. Your flexibility is reduced and your bones become more fragile. Some individuals will stay active and alert throughout their lives, while others may have a harder time and experience common conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, which can lead to a decrease in activity and quality of life. Regular exercise and activity provided by a personal training program along with a healthy diet can help offset these effects of aging.

Do you want to wake up every morning healthy and comfortable in your body? Or do you want to ache in pain and agony? 

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