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At The Youth Athletic Center of Ironborne Fitness

We know you care for the well-being and health of your kids. So why not enroll them in an active class? It's time they stop sitting at home on game day and get active! Did you know, that kids should get 60 minutes of physical activity each day? Summer is right around the corner, which means its time for sports season. 

We offer a wide range of sports training for all sizes, skill level, ability, height, gender, etc. No matter what sport your kid is into, we will help to get them in shape before the sport season begins. Enroll today and let your kid enjoy the active session of playing a sport with other kids. 






Let Us Know Which Sport Your Into?


Kids Hockey

Ironborne Fitness will customize a training program to meet your unique needs and improve your position on the ice rink. Whether it’s the right wing, left wing or center who must accelerate to the puck, we can help! Our training takes your ability to a whole new level. We can help you in transitioning up and down the ice, and become a tougher athlete. From better skating skills to better striking skills, our training program is set to work around your hockey game ability. At Ironborne Fitness, we will train you to be the best athlete you can be!


  • Maximum skate speed to travel on the ice quicker
  • Acceleration and maneuverability on the ice
  • Strength and endurance by being more flexible

Kids Basketball

Ironborne Fitness provides the optimal mix of high-intensity athletic training, sport-specific training protocols and basketball-specific drills to make you a better athlete and basketball player. We work on bettering your ability so you will earn the privilege of playing on the 12 person roster. Our customized training is designed to improve jump mechanics so basketball players rise higher for every shot, block, and rebound.  If you want to separate yourself from the pack and take your game to the next level, you need to train the Ironborne Fitness way.


  • Foot speed, first-step response and running stride efficiency
  • Peak force power, vertical jump and lateral quickness
  • Core stability for increased shooting accuracy 

Kids Football

Ironborne Fitness will customize your training program to meet your unique needs and improve your sport-specific position. Whatever position you play on the gridiron, Ironborne Fitness will help you become the very best football player you can be. Whether it’s the quarterback who has to scramble out of the pocket, a wide receiver adjusting from man-to-man, or zone coverage to an interior lineman, gutting it out in the trenches, our training takes the weight room to a whole new level. 


  • Maximum speed, acceleration and agility is increased
  • Muscular endurance for better position and throwing power
  • Flexibility and mobility on the field for better movement and balance

Kids Tennis

When it comes to Tennis, a great strength of power and focus is put not he field. In addition, Tennis games usually last a long time, which means you as an athlete need to be prepared to not waste you energy quickly. Tennis players  have to have extraordinary fitness, power and endurance. A properly designed high-intensity athletic training program from Ironborne Fitness can help any player elevate his or her game to a new level. Ironborne Fitness is training methodology will help tennis players of all levels to enhance their performance.


  • Better speed on the field for better response time
  • Increased hitting strength for directional hits
  • Focused strength and endurance to be more flexible

Kids Volleyball

Volleyball is more than just sets and serves and trying to get the spikes. It requires superior fitness and incredible conditioning. Ironborne Fitness will help volleyball players to lower the risk of injury, improve first-step quickness, on-court agility and vertical leaping ability. At Ironborne Fitness, youth volleyball players will improve their ability to serve, pass, set, hit and block through improved athleticism and fitness. Ironborne Fitness delivers at it's maximum to raise your game to the next level. 


  • Increase in foot speed and reaction time
  • Gains in explosive power and jump efficiency  
  • Power and strength endurance for better body control

Kids Track

Ironborne Fitness is valuable for any track and field athlete. A typical track and field season will last from April-July. The season could be even longer if we include indoor track and field. No matter the length of the season, an appropriate pre-season plan is a must for optimal performance. The workouts in the pre-season should be primarily base-building workouts that will give the athlete the strength, while the more intense and skill-specific work will be the primary focus during the racing season. 


  • Increase foot speed and running stride efficiency
  • Practice breathing while running on the field
  • Core stability for increased movement balance

Kids Soccer

When it comes to Soccer, it requires a lot of fitness since your practically running the entire time and need to use your legs to win. Soccer players will benefit from Ironborne Fitness because it can help them improve breakaway speed, closing quickness, and increased foot speed.  Ironborne Fitness provides the optimal mix of high-intensity athletic training, sport-specific training protocols and soccer-specific instruction to make you a better athlete and soccer player to raise your game to the next level. We can help make you a better player!


  • Improved running stride efficiency and leg strength
  • Gains in power that improve vertical jump, peak force and kick
  • Core strength for better balance and hip, knee, and ankle stability

Kids Baseball

Ironborne Fitness will customize your baseball training protocols to help players develop the instinctual skills and lightning fast agility required to succeed at the highest levels of the sport. Ironborne Fitness mixes high intensity fitness, sport specific training protocols and skill specific instructions to not only make you a better athlete, but a better baseball player as well. Whether you are just entering little league or have been invited to the showcase tournaments, Ironborne Fitness can help you get to the next level.


  • Speed agility in the field and on the base paths
  • Hitting power, throwing velocity and distance
  • Core stability, balance and efficient swing movement

Kids Lacrosse

Ironborne Fitness delivers the right mix of enhanced speed, power, agility, and lacrosse-specific skills. When it comes to lacrosse, athletes need to not only practice their running and catching skills, but also their throwing and eye contact skills. Some people compare it to football, however lacrosse requires you to get the ball in the net before you even get to score it through the goal. To help you achieve your goals, Ironborne Fitness provides the needed lacrosse skills to make you a better athlete.


  • Speed in running stride efficiency and shooting speed velocity
  • Gains in power that improves vertical jump and arm strength 
  • Core strength for better balance and agility at top speed

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